2018 Scholarship Benefit

So many words were spoken that we are now out of them.

That’s one way of saying we are beyond-words grateful to all who attended, assisted with and/or supported Leo’s third annual Scholarship Benefit, which took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Chicago on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Mr. Tom Owens, a 1954 Leo graduate, received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his extensive philanthropy, on behalf of Leo and most notably as founder of the Cara Program, a social-services agency that provides the training and resources necessary for Chicago’s most disadvantaged people to achieve a fresh start in life.

The Leo Choir—the world-renowned Leo Choir—performed with typical excellence, while students Schron Brown, Marco Gonzalez and Tobias Sample provided an illuminating look at the life of today’s Leo student during a panel discussion with Principal Shaka Rawls and Admissions/Athletic Director Mike Holmes.

And Father Tom Hurley, a friend of Tom Owens and a friend to Leo, nearly stole the show with an invocation that included enough witty lines to keep a stand-up comedian in laughs.

But the evening’s real winner was the Leo Scholarship Fund. Thanks to the generosity of so many supporters, it has never been healthier. And that’s good, because it means more money to fund our recent enrollment increases, which we fully expect to continue as a direct result of all the good things happening at Leo.

“Thank you” seems an inadequate response to your generosity. Please know it’s from the heart, from all of us here at Leo.

God bless.

Dan McGrath, President
Shaka Rawls, Principal
Leo High School