Dan McGrath and parent

Leo is 96 years old, but our best days are ahead of us. Come support us. Come join the Leo family.

At Leo High School we are proud to carry on a tradition that has endured for 96 years.

Leo has been providing a quality Catholic education in a safe, nurturing learning environment to young men from Chicago’s South Side neighborhoods since 1926. That’s our mission, and we remain as committed to it today as we were when we first opened our doors.

For all that has changed in those years, one thing hasn’t changed at all: A young man who enrolls at Leo becomes part of the Leo Family. As a Leo Man he can count on enduring friendships and unconditional support from the large and loyal Leo Family, in the Chicago area and throughout the country.

Throughout our school’s history, Leo Men have distinguished themselves as leaders in all walks of life. That’s another thing that hasn’t changed here. Today’s Leo graduate is prepared to make a difference in his community as a responsible, productive, caring citizen. He is not only prepared, he is eager, as community service is an integral part of the Leo Experience.

Our students are excelling in a rigorous college-prep curriculum, with an emphasis on reading, math, language arts and technology. Our dedicated faculty is 100-percent state-certified. Smaller class sizes guarantee that each student receives individual attention and instruction—no one “falls through the cracks” at Leo, no one is “just a number.”  A robust athletic program is the centerpiece of our extracurricular offerings, which also include art, music, journalism, photography and chess.

We have a lot to offer, and a lot to be thankful for at Leo, beginning with the students, parents, faculty and staff who make the school what it is. Our work would not be possible without the generous financial assistance of the most loyal and supportive Alumni Network in the world.

Leo is 96 years old, but our best days are ahead of us. Come support us. Come join the Leo Family.