For almost 100 years, Leo High School had stood proudly on the corner of 79th and Sangamon educating young men. A lot of residents, a lot of businesses, even a fair number of churches have abandoned the Auburn Gresham community over the years, but Leo stayed put and remained true to its Mission: to prepare young men for lives as responsible, productive, caring and engaged citizens. Thanks to the support of our alumni and friends, Leo remains strong and vibrant, a beacon of hope and a symbol of educational excellence in a community we are proud to serve.

Many families come to Leo with financial need, and we never turn them away—your generous support enables us to offer tuition assistance to all who qualify. In addition, technology upgrades, building improvements and a more wide-ranging curriculum have created a more well-rounded Leo experience for all of our students.

Thank you for believing in us. Your support means the world to us.