Leo High School’s academic program features a well-rounded curriculum designed to prepare our students for college, or for immediate entry into the workforce, if that is their preference. Our faculty members are 100 percent state-certified, each committed to Leo’s educational mission and willing to offer extra help to any student who seeks it. Our smaller class sizes guarantee a student ample individual attention and instruction.

Please click on the link below to see the credits required for graduation.

Leo Graduation Requirements

Leo tries to be flexible with its elective offerings to satisfy our students’ interests. Leo offers honors courses in English, math, science, World Language and social studies and plans to add advanced placement courses to the curriculum.

Leo is proud of its Catholic heritage and remains a Catholic school. Our theology is values-based and emphasizes good decision-making and the role of Jesus Christ’s teachings and influence in contemporary life.

A Leo High School graduate is an educated man ready and willing to make a difference in society.