The Mystic Blue, a Navy Pier-based tour ship that takes passengers on dinner cruises out on Lake Michigan, was the setting for Leo’s Senior Prom on Saturday, April 30. Leo experimented with the dinner-cruise motif last year, as opposed to a more traditional hotel ballroom or banquet hall. When the reviews were strongly positive, the well-turned-out Lions seniors and their glamorous dates opted to take to the seas again this year for a festive night of dining, dancing, and sightseeing as the Mystic Blue plied Lake Michigan’s waters off downtown, Grant Park and Lincoln Park.

Thirty handsome couples made up the Leo party. Their spirits were not dampened by some wet, windy weather, though it did cut down on the amount of time prom-goers spent on the open-air deck outside their party room.

Coach Mike Holmes coordinated the event as Leo’s Students Activities Director, with help from chaperones Ms. London and Ms. Adams from the school office, Ms. Latifi and Ms. Hyland from the faculty and Ms. Malika Hanna from the Parents Club.

A good time was had by all, though senior Harvey Moss added a touch of melancholy.

“For as much fun as we had, it was kind of sad knowing this would be the last time we’d be together in a setting like this,” Harvey said of his fellow seniors. “Man, these four years have flown by.”