Dear Graduates,
We would like to congratulate  you on your recent graduation from what many of us regard as the finest educational institutions in existence. It is at this point that you transform from graduate to alumnus and the Leo High School Alumni Association proudly welcomes you. As a remembrance  of your time at Leo, we have given each of you a wallet size diploma. Many of our older alumni still proudly carry theirs from many years ago and we hope you will do the same. Our association is among the very best in the area with a broad base of “Leo Men” spanning the years from the 40’s, all the way to today and the one common denominator is our love for a school that we attended in our youth. It never fails to amaze me how devoted and dedicated so many of us are towards the school, but it just goes to demonstrate the dedication that the school’s staff has always displayed throughout the years. As you continue on your journey, remember our motto “Facta non Verba” and live your lives with that phrase in mind. Finally, we hope you keep in contact, not only with the school, but the alumni association as well. A great way to do that is to visit our website, It has a wealth of  Leo related information and is a great way to find out what is going on with the alumni association. Once again, congratulations and we look forward to you joining is with the many events we hold throughout the year.
Leo Alumni Association