“Superstar Leo” was the superstar attraction during Leo’s “Day at the Races” at Hawthorne Race Course on Saturday, Nov. 28.

Roughly 100 Leo alums and friends of the school gathered in Hawthorne’s Turf Club for a day of live thoroughbred racing, one in a series of events Leo is staging to celebrate its 90th anniversary. The fifth race of the program was dedicated to Leo in honor of No. 90, and one of the favorites was Superstar Leo.

Despite the heavy backing of the Leo contingent, Superstar Leo went off as a 6-to-1 choice and finished second, by a nose. But as some members of the Leo party were making their way to the winner’s circle for a photo op, the No. 3 finisher lodged a foul claim against the apparent winner. Lo and behold, the foul claim was upheld, the first-place finisher was taken down and Superstar Leo was declared the winner before the photo was taken.

“My work here is finished,” Leo President Dan McGrath declared as the Leo party gleefully cashed their now-winning tickets.

Win or lose, a good time was had by all, and organizers hope to make “Day at the Races” an annual event.