Miles Turner
Miles Turner V, pictured above with Gov. Pat Quinn, (left) was the inspirational story of Leo’s 2012-13 school year. Miles attended Senior Prom with his classmates and took part in graduation ceremonies with the Class of 2013 just eight months after he’d been shot and nearly killed trying to rescue his cousin from an encounter with gangbangers in their South Side neighborhood. Miles’ cousin, Modell McCambry, was killed in the attack. Miles suffered five bullet wounds all over his body and was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where emergency-room personnel saved his life.

He spent several months in Northwestern’s intensive care unit, then three at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago learning to walk again—bullet and bone fragments at the base of his spine have severely restricted the strength and movement in his legs. But miracles are not uncommon at RIC. Miles’ progress was such that on May 3, 2013 he was upgraded to outpatient status and allowed to go home… just in time to attend his Senior Prom. He was the No. 1 Star of the evening.

Back in November, when Miles was in ICU and his battered body was a jumble of tubes and wires and monitors, Angela Turner firmly declared that her son would take part in graduation—and he did. Mrs. Turner is just as certain Miles will walk again, and if a loving, supportive family is what it takes …

A packed church at St. Margaret of Scotland gave Miles a prolonged standing ovation when he rolled up to the stage to accept his diploma at graduation. Miles then went to work in former Gov. Quinn’s office, assigned to an anti-violence project. Miles is pictured above with Coach Michael Holmes, his mother Angela Turner, President Dan McGrath and his father, Miles Turner IV.

Way to go, Miles. We’re proud of you.