In light of the current tragic events, Leo High School is following our beloved motto, “Facta Non Verba,” which means Deeds Not Words.  We are inviting you to have a candid conversation with our students about the climate we are living in, and how they can effectively lead change in their communities. We are inviting police officers, homeland security officials, people from federal and state agencies, lawyers, and government officials to open up the lines of communication that are so necessary now in our world.

At Leo, we pride ourselves on laying a foundation for our young men to succeed in deeds and not just words. During these trying times, we want to keep our boys’ spirits lifted and encouraged.

Please fill out the link below if you are interested or you can forward this to someone who is willing to participate. After you fill out this speaker request form, ( we will contact you to go over details and availability before your session is scheduled. If you would like to reschedule your upcoming session, please contact Mrs. Danielle Patterson at