Our World Renowned Leo Choir

How popular is the Leo Choir? Additional chairs had to be brought into the Leo Auditorium three times to accommodate the crowd that turned out for the Choir’s annual “Sounds of Spring” concert at Leo on Thursday, May 17. 

Mrs. La Donna Hill, Leo’s incomparable music director, did her usual splendid job of preparing the performers and orchestrating the evening. The Leo Drum Line, in its second year of operation, kicked off the program, followed by a three-song medley by Mrs. Hill’s beginning music class.

The Choir took it from there, with seniors in the spotlight in their final official appearance as Leo choir members. Vidal Cargo, wrapping up a four-year career as one of the choir’s leading voices, was featured on a solo, as were fellow seniors Kenny Taggart and Dejon Harris. Judging by the performances of freshmen Damen Ward and Chandler McMahan, the Choir’s future is in good hands. And the Alsup twins, juniors Devale and Kevale, were show-stoppers, dazzling the crowd with an emotional rendition of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” that evoked Little Anthony and the Imperials.

The Choir have become great ambassadors for Leo, in demand all over the city. In addition to providing the music for Leo’s annual Scholarship Benefit last November and singing Christmas carols at Millennium Park in December, the Choir will perform at the Big Shoulders fundraising gala at the Four Seasons Hotel on May 24 and at a Habitat for Humanity benefit on June 6. 

Mrs. Hill is a Leo treasure, and the singers follow her lead.